~ Staff gain greater medical experience and knowledge from Specialist Pilipino Nurses at PMGH ~

When the hospital was transformed in 2013, PMGH had recruited a team of Pilipino specialists’ nurses who arrived at PMGH on the 12th of May 2014 to work alongside the established nursing team to improve care and create ‘better health’ to the people of PNG.
Port Moresby General Hospital CEO, Mr. Grant R. Muddle’s goal and objective was to bring in additional nursing staff to improve, maintain and produce a quality health workforce at PMGH.
Currently there are 64 nursing specialists working throughout PMGH in areas such as the critical care department, paediatric, surgical, medical and O&G departments.
Nurse Rosero said working with the local nurses and doctors at PMGH was a great experience for him “It is about working together as a team and giving our best care to improve the paediatric ICU ward of PMGH. Even the parents of paediatric patients are approachable, and they always welcome our health education awareness that we share with them. We feel that we are welcomed, working in PNG. Thank you Pom Gen”.