The  Department of Paediatric Emergency Medicine is a unit of the Port Moresby Children’s Health Services.  It is the  busiest Paediatric Emergency Department in Port Moresby and one of the busiest  Paediatric Emergency Departments in PNG with presentations in excess of 4 000 per year.

It serves the general population from the neonatal period through to late adolescence providing a 24-hour service for acutely ill or injured children. The unit accepts transfers from peripheral urban hospitals  as one of two tertiary paediatric emergency services in PNG and as the Paediatric Trauma Centre for Port Moresby.

This department is purpose-built in accordance with Australasian College of  Emergency medicine guidelines providing the latest in technology and workplace  design. It  includes 12 acute patient beds and an eight bed short stay ward to extend the ability to monitor and observe paediatric patients. Clinical activity in the Children’s Hospital Emergency Department is performed on the basis of medical need with appropriate customer focus incorporating both public and private models of care.

The staff, (medical, nursing and administrative) are a strong, cohesive team that work together to ensure children presenting to the department, and their parents and families, receive the highest possible standard of care.