~ Port Moresby General Hospital acknowledges great partners ExxonMobil, Ms. Lynda Babao-Neill, PNG Tribal Foundation and Project C.U.R.E ~

Port Moresby General Hospital CEO, Mr. Grant R. Muddle has acknowledged the generous support of ExxonMobil and Ms. Lynda Babao-O’Neill in partnership with Tribal Foundation and Project C.U.R.E, to have a 44-foot container with medical equipment and supplies shipped from US delivered to PMGH.
Mr. Muddle thanked the representatives from ExxonMobil and Tribal Foundation who visited PMGH and officially acknowledged the delivery of medical supplies. “It is a great support and initiative that such partners have brought great change to Port Moresby General Hospital for the past three years. “I am a proud CEO, seeing the quality health care being delivered, to make a difference not only in the lives of the patients but their families and the community as well,” Mr. Muddle said.
PNG Tribal Foundation President, Mr. Gary Bustin said PNG Tribal Foundation has been assisting PMGH for many years, and the change in the hospital was significant. “You have worked so hard and done so much for the people of Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea in lifting the health care delivery service to another level,” Mr. Bustin told Mr. Muddle.
“Thank you for all that you guys do for the People of PNG, our job is trying to help and support wherever we can, and we can’t do that without the partners like ExxonMobil. “On behalf of the Tribal Foundation, thank you ExxonMobil for your support,” Mr. Bustin said.