Embracing Technology to improve efficiency and accountability, Port Moresby General Hospital today launched the Integrated Financial Management System. PMGH as a public health institution,
joins other government departments and agencies who are using the IFMS which provides accurate and real-time financial information, timely reports for transparency and accountability. The Chief Executive Officer Dr. Paki Molumi said, “Today’s launching of the IFMS will bring PMGH to another level of financial accountability and efficiency, this time linking to the Finance Department for not only monitoring but assist in timely release of monthly allocations and justification to increase annual
budget submission by PMGH.” He said as the CEO, he is proud for that to happen in his time in the office. “As IFMS is a real-time system, it links very well with our electronic banking system so
monitoring of expenditure at the National Department of Finance is real time unlike cheques. We have a very reliable internet connectivity with adequate bandwidth through DATACO fiber optic cable which further supports this integration and efficient transferring of real-time data without interruptions”, he said.