~ Health Advice from PMGH – Top 10 Tips to a Healthier You ~

Making small changes to your daily life will significantly improve your well-being and put on the road to better health. Here are our top ten tips for a healthier you. Please let us know if you missed last weeks posts and we will post these again for you in detail, alternatively please scroll down the page for more information.  
1. Get Regular Medical Care 
2. Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet Rich in Fruit and Vegetables
3. Exercise regularly
4. Up your Daily Water Intake
5. Reduce Alcohol Intake 
6. Give Up Smoking 
7. Reduce Stress
8. Get Enough Sleep 
9. Don’t Skip Breakfast 
10. Stay Connected 
REMINDER: It is important to get regular health check up’s at your local urban health clinic to rule out any health concerns you may have.