~ Health Advice from PMGH – The Importance of Getting Enough Calcium In Your Diet – Part 3 of 3 ~

Most of the body’s calcium (around 99%) is found in the skeleton and teeth – the rest is stored in the tissues or blood and is essential for building and maintaining bone. Calcium combines with other minerals to form hard crystals that give your bones strength and structure and also plays a crucial role in other systems of the body, such as the health and functioning of nerves and muscle tissue.

Tips On How To Get More Calcium In Your Diet –

Include dairy products in your diet every day – Choose from milk, yoghurt, or cheese.

Eat more leafy green vegetables – Include broccoli, cabbage, bok-choy or spinach in your meals.

Eat more fish – If you can’t get fresh fish, eat tinned fish such as sardines or salmon with the bones left in.

Replace the meat in some meals with tofu or tempeh – Cutting back on saturated fat is good for your health.

Snack on calcium-rich nuts – Have a handful of Brazil nuts or almonds daily as a snack.

Reduce your intake of caffeine, soft drinks and alcohol – These drinks inhibit calcium absorption and should be consumed in moderation.

Use sesame seeds in your meals – Sesame seeds are high in calcium and easy to include in meals.

Eat more calcium-fortified foods – Some cereals, fruit juices and bread’s now come with calcium added to the ingredients, check the labels.

Remember – It is much better to get calcium from foods (which also provide other nutrients) then from calcium supplements. If you have difficulty eating enough foods rich in calcium to reach the daily requirements for optimal health, you might need to consider a calcium supplement. Talk with your doctor.