Moni Plus donates a bus to support transportation needs

PORT Moresby General Hospital has received a helping hand to transport its staff to and from work with a donation of a 26-seater bus by Moni Plus.

Moni Plus chairman Aho Baliki when presenting the key to PMGH Chief Executive Officer Dr. Paki Molumi says it is a privilege to hand over the bus on behalf of Moni Plus shareholders, management and staff.

“Moni Plus is a corporate financial services provider. We’ve been in operation now for more than 20 years and we have donated a lot of things to other charities, NGOs, a lot of other charity organizations including sporting bodies,” says Mr. Baliki.

“It is a growing financial institution and we are pleased that we can be a part of the corporate entity to assist the hospital in your logistics, in your providing of transportation in whatever ways we can,” he adds.

Dr. Molumi thanked Moni Plus for the donation and says it will assist greatly in meeting the hospital’s transportation needs.

“We have 1, 630 staff. We serve over a million population of National Capital District, Central Province and Gulf Province. Of course, many of them are your clients, that this hospital serves,” he says.

“To provide such a service, we do three shifts, especially our nursing staff. Our nurses live at Laloki Training Centre and we do shift them 8-hourly to this hospital to provide the service to the 1 million population of the city,” explains Dr. Molumi.

Dr. Molumi says the hospital has lot of logistical needs and most of the buses that are in use are at least over 6 years old.

“We need to move our staff because looking after our staff, giving them that comfort to get back to work is very important so that they can serve our patients properly. They can give that service without being worried about transport,” said Dr. Molumi.

“So, on behalf of the PMGH Board, the management and all our staff, I want to thank you for donating this bus. I also want to call upon to the other businesses as well, as part of their corporate social responsibility, let’s put something back to the health of our people like what Moni Plus is doing today,” says Dr. Molumi.

Dedication Service for the new year 2021

PORT Moresby General Hospital kicks off the month of February with a dedication service to reflect on past challenges and achievements and looking forward to the new year 2021.

Chief Executive Offier Dr. Paki Molumi says he hopes 2021 will be a good year as the hospital embarks on creating some new changes in its operations and the provision of healthcare services.

Dr. Molumi says as a Level 7 hospital, Port Moresby General Hospital should be providing specialised services so that Papua New Guineans do not have to travel to seek treatment abroad.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Paki Molumi speaking to staff during the service.

“We are doing a Specialist Hospital Bill so that we can remove that General Hospital,” he said. “Disease by disease we can delegate the roles so that PMGH can provide specialist services. That is the enabling Act that is going to drive this hospital to achieve that.”

Dr. Molumi says despite a budget cut of K10 million, that should not stop staff from performing their duties and to look for other avenues of funding such as public private partnerships with other entities.

“Don’t say that we have budget cuts so we cannot deliver. We’ve got to find a way so that we can make things happen for our patients,” said Dr. Molumi.

In giving the keynote address at the dedication service, acting Obstetrics & Gynecology Coordinator Dr. Robert Jones, urged staff to mind their daily conduct within and outside of work.

Dr. Jones said in their daily conduct, staff should consider that ‘Law’ is something that tells you not to do something while ‘Principle’ helps you to do something because you know it’s right.

“My brothers and sisters I am challenging you this year. Let’s make a difference. Whether we’re funded or not, let’s live by principle. May God bless you.”

In closing the service, Director Nursing Services Sr. Carol Hosea also encouraged staff to support Dr. Molumi to drive the visions of the hospital forward.

“We must become more innovative and we must also help to save the costs and be accountable for what we are doing. If we have these core qualities in our lives, I know we will move forward together,” says Sr. Hosea.

Chinese Doctors help successful removal of mass growth on 2 month old baby

A mother has thanked the China Medical Team and local doctors and nurses for a successful surgery in separating a large mass growth behind the head of her two month old baby girl.

With the joint efforts of the Port Moresby General Hospital doctors and nurses and China Medical Team the operation was done very successful.

Lucy Solomon from Wabag, Enga gave birth to twins’ girls and one being identified with large mass growth behind her head on 23rd of June, 2017.

Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr Huang Jingrui said the baby was born with congenital meningeal encephalocele where she would have died without this operation.

After the operation, the surgical incision did not heal very well due to poor nutrition. However, Dr Huang kept on cleaning the wound and changing the dressings for a month and the wound was healed and she was discharged last week Friday.

The Baby’s mother showed great gratitude to Dr Huang for his hard work and asked him to name the baby.

Dr Huang gladly named the baby as Mulan; a name of a Chinese ancient heroine who took the place of her father to fight against invaders and became a general in the end.

“She is a symbol of bravery and strength in the Chinese culture. I hope the baby can defeat the disease bravely as Mulan,” Dr Huang said.

Dr Huang is the member of the 8th China Medical Team comprised of a Cardiologist and a team leader Dr Ke Dazhi, Urologisits Dr Zhao Tao and Dr Xiao Weizhong, Radiologist Dr Huang XingTao, Anaesthetist Dr Yang Hongjun and surgical nurses Ms Lu Jing and Ms Tang Wanli.

Dr Huang said the team is very happy that this name would be a connection to a PNG family and many more connections in the future through better and quality healthcare given to locals.

The team arrived in April this year (2017) to share their experience, skills and knowledge in the area of surgical in the Port Moresby General Hospital and to work hand in hand with local doctors and nurses.

Team leader and Cardiologist Dr Ke Dazhi said it was an extensive cooperation and training partnership between the Chinese Government and the PNG Government, via the national department of health and the Port Moresby General Hospital that this visitation of Chinese medical team was established in 2002 to improve healthcare of people of PNG.

~ Supreme Industries Ltd brings Christmas Cheer to PMGH ~

The Port Moresby General Hospital children’s ward 1D received a visit from Supreme Industries Ltd this week who supplied Paul’s milk and Tastee New Zealand apples to children.
Sanjay Shah and Nizar Isani presented boxes of food items to sister-charge, Sr. Zilah Wama to be distributed to the children admitted in the ward. The children were delighted to receive a tasty addition to their lunch. Sr. Wama thanked the gentlemen for their visit to the hospital.
Mr. Sanjay Shah said the company would be donating children’s books and educational toys to the Buk belong pikinini corner in the ward so children who are waiting to get well and discharged can learn to read.