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How can malaria be prevented?

Spray your clothing and skin: Apply an insect repellant to your skin, clothing, and other fabrics, such as blankets. Cover your skin: Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to keep your skin covered. Sleep under a mosquito net: Spray insect repellant on your mosquito net. Check your net for holes often. Protect your home: Put screens […]

Malaria threatens 90 percent of PNG

Ninety percent of Papua New Guinea’s seven million people are at risk of malaria infection. Minster for Health and HIV AIDS revealed this frightening news, saying malaria is the leading cause for hospital admissions in PNG. “The figures are even higher than what is on record, and the burden falls on rural majority and urban […]

New CT scanner to improve health in PNG

Port Moresby General Hospital has a new CT scanner which has been installed and is already being used, says the hospital’s chief executive officer Mr Grant Muddle. Mr Muddle said at the weekend that while the new one is being used the old one is being repaired. For some weeks the hospital did not have […]

More Staff

Improvements at our hospital are not limited to brighter wards and more washing machines. Management has been busy in recruiting new staff to join our team of medical and non-medical staff. There are 24 new registered nurses from the pacific adventist university which is located a short drive from the capital city. There are also […]

Doctors Accommodation

There has been a positive step on easing the staff accommodation problem on the hospital grounds. Work has been done to an eight bed doctors house and it is now refurbished and ready for selected staff to move in. Ongoing facility works are being planned and scoped, pending budgetary constraints but improving facilities for our […]

Cleaner Hospital

The hospital is getting a major boost to cleaning bed linen and the like. The laundry has had a new, 50kg washing machine and extractor installed and there is to be a second one established within the next fortnight. Hospital chief executive officer Grant Muddle said this week that added to the new machine was […]

Administration Relocated

Our hospital administration staff have made the move, from their old domain near ward 8 on the top floor, to their new home. They are now working out of what used to be the long vacant nurses quarters. Hospitals CEO Grant Muddle has said previously that the move is for the good and as it […]

POM GEN Ward Moves

Its been an action time around our hospital premises in recent weeks, with plenty of improvements being made. What was once oncology centre has been converted into the new paediatrics ward known as Ward 2E. The existing Ward 2E has undergone refurbishment works and ward 12 (the TB ward) will be move into the 2E […]

Port Moresby Hospital To Become ‘Statutory Organization’

Port Moresby Hospital To Become ‘Statutory Organization’ Facility to receive budget independent of Health Department PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Oct. 28, 2013) – Port Moresby General Hospital will become a statutory organisation starting next year, which means it will have a budget of its own, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. Currently, the […]