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Port Moresby General Hospital is located in the capital city
of Port Moresby and is the major referral and teaching hospital
in Papua New Guinea. It is also a centre for AIDS treatment in
Papua New Guinea, one of only a few facilities in the country
equipped to treat HIV/AIDS and also houses a hyperbaric
recompression chamber for diving emergencies.
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Welcome to Port Moresby General Hospital
Papua New Guinea

Diagnostic Imaging, Specialized in diagnosisQualified Doctors, Team of Expert Doctors

Why Port Moresby General Hospital?

Clinical Excellence, Expert in Clinical WorkMedical Counseling, Discuss Your Health Emergency Services, 24 hours a day service

Top Level Doctors

Our Doctors are trained in the healing arts and licensed to practice with excellence in medical services and patient care.

24 Hours Service

A broad range of acute services are offered 24 hours a day including public holidays.

Clean Space

Hospital have clean, well-organized, quiet and well-lit medication preparation and dispensing areas

Emergency Service

Open 24 hrs a day and staffed by experienced medical & nursing with a range of medical and surgical emergencies.

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Meet Our Doctors

Doctors treat patients by diagnosing them, or figuring out what is wrong. When doctors diagnose a patient, they begin by asking questions about the patient’s symptoms such as fever, headache, or stomach ache. They may ask other questions about things like past illnesses or family members who have been sick.

Dr. SmithSurgeon

Doctors once made house calls to treat patients at home, but now mostly see patients in their offices or in hospitals. Doctors may also work for schools, companies, sports teams, or the military. Doctors are often assisted by nurses or other staff

Dr. ChainOrthopedics Specialist

They may only treat injuries to a certain part of the body, or only treat patients who have certain diseases. For example, there are doctors who specialise in diseases of the stomach or intestines. Other doctors are “general practitioners” or “family practitioners”. This means that they do a little bit of everything

Dr. AlishaSnr. Doctor